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The Online Poker Industry and Poker Star 3D

The online industry has developed rapidly during the last years and no poker player can say that it wasn't for the best when it comes to players themselves. One decade ago only few could dream that they would be able to play all their favorite poker variants on the internet without paying for it. "Free online poker" was only a vague concept that no one really had a clue about.

But few years past by and today the online poker industry is standing high above the cripple past of poker games. Today full-color graphics and sounds are used in online poker rooms, numerous software are developed to help player to calculate pot odds and other poker statistics and so on. The online poker industry is thriving and generating millions of dollars every year.

Winning the World Series of Poker Bracelet

The World Series of Poker is a series of poker tournaments held in Las Vegas, over the course of about one month. Winners of the tournaments in the WSOP are awarded cash prizes, as well as a World Series of Poker bracelet.
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Matt Matros Talks About His Life as a Poker Pro

Poker player Matt Matros writes about his successful poker life in the book 'The Making of a Poker Player.' This book is helpful in inspiring beginning players to improve their poker abilities and transform themselves into winning poker players just like Matros.
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  • Aggressive vs. Conservative Play in PokerAre you an aggressive or a conservative player when it comes to the poker table? Knowing what type of player you are will allow you to adjust your game depending on the type of opponents you are playing.Go to Full Story
  • The Pros and Cons of Online Poker and Live PokerPlaying in an online poker room and a live poker room can be very different. But it is advisable that the player divides his time in playing in an online casino poker room and a live casino poker room so that the player can practice recognizing poker tells. Recognizing poker tells is an important skill for a poker player.Go to Full Story
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