Matt Matros Talks About His Life as a Poker Pro

The poker book "The Making of a Poker Player" chronicles the life of Matt Matros as a professional poker player. In this poker book, he narrates how his passion for poker has allowed him to turn into a winning poker player and as one of the most successful poker professionals today.

In "The Making of a Poker Player," Matt Matros gets to tell readers that his life is not different from the lives of any other poker players. He once was an aspiring poker player too. He narrates in this poker book how he started to play penny-ante games with his friends in high school. Later on in life, Matt Matros tried his luck in serious gambling by playing poker in casinos. As days passed by, he noticed that he was starting to become more and more skillful in such game. He himself was even surprised to learn that he was starting to become a consistent winner of poker until he decided to start participating in major poker tournaments. Matt Matros finishes his poker book by recounting his experience of successfully participating in the US$25,000 buy-in championship of the World Poker Tour. Matt Matros effectively describes to readers the steps he has been taking to enhance his game and at the same time, he effectively describes to readers the steps he also has been taking to handle the setbacks that he faces as a poker professional.

"The Making of a Poker Player" seems to teach readers how to hone oneself to achieve a successful career in poker. Several specific situations relating to poker have been included by Matt Matros in this poker book. This allows readers not only to learn about the successful life of Matt Matros, but it also allows readers to be aware of the mistakes that Matt Matros has committed and how he has been overcoming such mistakes. Indeed, despite the fact that "The Making of a Poker Player" is about the life of the author, it does not only inspire readers but they get to learn a lot from his story as well that will help them improve their talent in playing poker.

We assure readers that they will have fun in reading "The Making of a Poker Player." This poker book is written well by Matt Matros, who is known to have a remarkable writing skill. The flow of "The Making of a Poker Player" is conversational which makes it fun and easy to read. This poker book is not only perfect for advanced poker players who want to know more about the life of Matt Matros but this poker book is also perfect for intermediate and novice poker players. Noveau and intermediate poker players will absolutely find "The Making of a Poker Player" a helpful poker book.