Online Poker is a Correspondence Game

A correspondence game is a game in which the players need not see each other in person. One popular example of a correspondence game is the one named "correspondence chess". In playing this type of chess, one player makes a move, specifically describes his move in a letter and sends this letter to his opponent. The opponent, in turn, copies the move on his own chess table and makes his own move. Then he sends a letter illustrating his counter-move. Obviously, this type of chess game cannot be concluded in one sitting. It is likely that one game may last for years.

Any game that is similar to chess, that is no physical contact is involved among players, can be a correspondence game. Obviously, poker and other card games in gambling can be a correspondence game. But a game that requires physical contact, such as football, cannot be a correspondence game. Not yet anyway.

Correspondence poker happens in online poker. The players of the virtual poker table need not meet each other and need not even know each other's real names. But, unlike the correspondence chess, the poker players do not spend months and years in order to finish one hand. Online poker happens in real time.

The concept of real-time exists because of the advances in Internet technology. Real-time refers to the ability of the Internet to transmit information from one corner of the planet to any part of the world, even across the globe, without any significant delay. That is the information is transmitted within seconds, or even a fraction of a second. This real-time made online poker similar to a live poker game.

Still, online poker remains a correspondence game simply because the poker players can do things that cannot be done during a live poker game. For example, the poker player may have a table of poker odds right next to him. Or he may be eating his favorite food while playing poker online. Or he may be playing the online poker game with friends behind him giving lots of advices. All these cannot be done during a live game.

In exchange for the activities that can be done with online poker, there are also things that are done in live poker that can no longer be implemented online. Foremost among these things is the observation of poker tells. One online poker player cannot see if one of his offshore opponents is already grimacing or scratching his head. Such a set-up prevents the honing of the skill of observing poker tells.

Still, online poker is increasingly becoming popular. But a player who intends to play online poker with real money should be extremely careful. There are probably laws in his country that prevents him from gambling online .