The Kiwi Online Poker Winners

The known Kiwi Online Poker site has given the first of its 5 lavishness trips for two to New Zealand Poker Champs of 2006. The fortunate poker player, Jovan, and his wife will be taken by air to New Zealand for the New Zealand Poker Champ's 2006 in April. Kiwi Casino Poker is the only place online players can meet the criteria for the New Zealand Poker Champs and in fact the Kiwi online poker winners are the only ones that would go to the poker champs by playing online poker.

The New Zealand Poker Champs take place in Kiwi Casino Poker's prime company, the Christchurch Casino. The Christchurch Casino was the primary casino in New Zealand to offer poker and poker tournaments as well, both for tourists and local professional poker players, and hosted the opening New Zealand Poker Championships that same year.