Different Types of Free Online Poker

Playing free online poker games are the best way to know more about the different variations of the game. In fact, we absolutely recommend that you start out with a free online poker game first before betting any real money - especially if you don't really know much about the variation you wish to play.

Free Online Poker Game #1 - 7 Card Stud This is one of the most popular free online poker variations. We highly encourage you to try playing this version if and when you have the time. Only three to five players can play this version. In this variation, two cards are dealt faced down while another card is dealt faced up. The betting round is initiated by the one given the faced up card with the highest value. When another card is dealt, the same rule applies until four betting rounds are completed.

Betting rules are similar to regular free online poker only this time remove the five best cards from the ones you've been dealt with. There is actually an added variation to this poker game and that's to allow the use of wild cards and five of a kind.

Free Online Poker Game #2 - 5 Card Stud This is another poker variation that's highly enjoyable. The rules are similar to those of 7 Card Stud only this time you only get up to 5 cards rather than 7. The way this game starts varies and it depends on how you and your friend wish to play it. Wild cards may be used as well in this version.

Free Online Poker Game #3 - Chicago This is a version that's not as popular as the stud games but you should try it all the same. The main difference of this version from 7 Card Stud is that the high spade in the hole can be used to split the pot. Five of a kind and wild cards can also be used.

Free Online Poker Game #4 - Indian Poker Two to ten players can play this poker variation. The game will commence when each player is dealt one card and a player is eliminated if he's caught peeking at his own cards. The first betting round usually requires each player to pay a $1 bet.

Each player will then hold up his card for the others to know each and everyone's card value. Once the betting is round is completed, each of you will reveal your cards and the player with the highest card value wins!