Watching Celebrities at the Poker Table

Are you a big fan of celebrities? How about of poker? If your answer to any of these is yes, then good for you, if both, well, you have to know that there are poker shows with the celebrities in it. That's right, your favorite celebrities fight it out at the dreaded poker tables.

The most popular celebrity poker show is shown on Bravo, entitled Celebrity Poker Showdown. Together with other shows like World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, this show helped in making poker as popular as it is now. Who could better endorse poker but the celebrities themselves, right? Who could resist seeing their celebrity idols to play poker? Obviously, many couldn't. The prospect is just too tempting to ignore, that is why Celebrity Poker Showdown became a very big hit. This show is hosted by Phil Gordon and Dave Foley, although there are rumors that in the future, Phil Gordon will be replaced by Phil Hellmuth. The cast of the show is made up of five celebrities at the table, and it has been made up of really popular stars.

Another poker show of this type is Poke Royale, which can be seen on GSN. The mechanic of this show is different from the first one though. Instead of having five celebrities battling it out at the poker table, there are two groups per games. Each group consists of three players, and the groups are very different from each other- from boys against girls to celebrities to poker experts. These groups fight in a Texas Hold'em poker.

A more unique poker show is the E! Hollywood Hold'em which shows the poker games of celebrities' right at their very home. We all know that a lot of celebrities today are hooked to poker, so there is not a problem of getting a guest for this show, which is hosted by no less than Phil Laak. Usually, you get to see in this show celebrities playing poker against their friends, which can be celebrities or not. This show is known to be very fun to watch because the setting is more relaxed and familiar to the players.

Celebrity fans will find these shows amusing and entertaining. But for those poker fans who are after great poker games, these shows will pale in comparison to the Poker Tournament shows because naturally, celebrities do not play as good as the professional poker players.