Get to Know the World's Most Famous Poker Players

The rise of popularity of the poker game in popular culture gave way to the birth of famous poker players. Note that these players were not a household name until lately, when the game of poker was nearing its peak due to media attention. Hence, these now famous poker players are getting what they deserve, which is being famous by playing the game they love and by being good at it. Learn some interesting facts about these famous poker players:

Doyle Brunson One of the oldest professional poker players in the world, Doyle Brunson is a highly-respected poker player known for his experience in the field of poker. A legend among all the famous poker players, Brunson has written an influential book about the game of poker entitled "Super System", a must-read for all poker-lovers. Brunson has a long list of victorious World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments and an impressive track record for more than two decades.

Johnny Chan Johnny Chan is one of the few famous poker players who can read an opponent very skilfully. Indeed, his watchful eyes are known to be his most dangerous weapon on the poker table. Johnny Chan, the Oriental Express, has carved a name for himself for being the most feared poker player around the table.

Chris Ferguson Chris Ferguson is an audience favourite due to his long hair and beard that eventually gave him the nickname "Jesus". However, his laid back looks do not represent his way of thinking when situated beside the poker table. Known as a dangerous rival in different poker variants, Ferguson is one of the few famous poker players to use mathematical methods when beating an opponent. He uses mathematical theories to back his decisions during betting rounds.

Phil Helmutt Known as the "Poker Brat", Phil Helmutt was the youngest among the famous poker players to wear the WSOP bracelet. At the tender age of 24, he bagged his first WSOP title in 1989. From then on, Phil Helmutt has shared the same distinction with his much older colleagues. Known for being aggressive throughout the game, this young poker player has a number of WSOP victories under his belt.

These famous poker players had their claim to fame not only because of the popularity of their field, but because they are simply skillful when manipulating the challenging realms of the poker table. They have indeed proved that mastering the skills and art of playing of poker is a main component to winning.